Monday, September 14, 2009

I strongly believe in natural healthcare and the body's innate ability to heal by itself. My several years of experiences in research in the natural health sciences, I have experimented with Crystal healing, pyramid energy healing Reiki, and all kinds of Natural Healing Therapy you can think of.
Throughout the course of my research and experimentation, I begin to conclude that everything is vibrational energy that is sustaining the world today. My aim is to promote good health and longevity in this deterioriating polluted world. I strongly believe that our body can heal by itself. If you look around you, you can be marvelled at nature's ability to balance itself. Even a little cat knows how to heal itself without a doctor.
Just recently, my uncle Mr Yang from China , who is a famous musician as well as founder of the Sibin Bianstone in China. If you are a TCM doctor, you may have heard of the tradtional Chinese medical science book from about 5000 years ago. According to the huangdiNeijing, Bian Healing, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Massage & Chinese Herbal medical treatment constitute five medical skills coexisting seperately in the Tradtional Chinese Medical Science of which Bian Stone Healing rated as number one. According to legend, Bian Stone Healing was lost due to a lack of good stones for the healing purpose.

Mr Yang's discovery of the Si Bin Stone led to a re-discovery of the ancient traditional Chinese musical instruments - the scared Chimes Bell. Subsequently, Professor Geng from Beijing conducted several tests on this mysterious Si Bin Stone and concluded that the stone has the quality for the long-lost Bian Stone Healing.
As the stones are very scare, it is very expensive. But medical professionals in Beijing and spas, health centres in China, Taiwan, HongKong, Japan, South Korea use the Bian stone for its highly effective way to treat many illness like pain, chronic disease, the way it is applied through accupuncture.
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