Monday, September 14, 2009

Bian Stone Healing: Facts

In Standard Mandarin, 針砭 (zhēn biān) (a related word, 針灸 (zhēn jiǔ), refers to acupuncture together with moxibustion). The earliest written record that is available about acupuncture is Huangdi Neijing (黄帝内经 or Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon) which was compiled around 305–204 B.C. Throughout the history Chinese people use acupuncture and gwa sha to cure disease and make people stronger. Now we introduce Bian stone to the picture. The relationship between Bian stone and acupuncture and gwa sha is that Bian stone healing is the ancestor of acupuncture and gwa sha and various other forms of Chinese healing methods.

But Bian stone started out as music instruments. The musicians who played for the emperors shared the tendency to live a long life that is innocent of various ailments that kept molesting other people at that low-tech times. Another interesting fact also contributed to the inception of application of Bian stone as a healing method. Back at the cold weapon era , soldiers who suffered arrow wounds in the war would , interestingly, feel much better at some area of the body other than the area which directly received the arrow. And after the wound got healed, they felt a much better version of themselves. Hence the inception of Bian stone acupuncture. But in the beginning , no daredos exist to directly use stone-made needles to pierce the skin. They only use it scrape or knead or caress or prick (all together 16 methods ,which would be introduced in the "How to use " section )the skin. This is Gwa sha. Then acupuncture. Both Gwa sha and acupuncture are based on the Chinese medicine thoery .

Now modern technology has helped to unveil the mystery behind the magic healing effects of Bian stone. It can effectively heal due to its special features as follows :

1 : Bian stone mainly heals by working on the blood. Only by exposing any part of your body to the proximity of the Bian stone,you can see that the blood actually run faster and more smoother than before.The special magnetic field and the ultrasonic pulsation with the the frequency from 20 thousand to 2 million hertz that constantly emanate from the Bian stone work on the blood circulation, making it run faster, purifying the blood and the blood vessels and by so doing, insure good oxygen and nutrition supply to various body organs.

(Under a microscope ,you can see the blood circulates better and faster when exposed to a Bian stone bracelet )

2: In various parts of your body , especially your back, there are many many dormant immunity cells whose disease fighting power has never been tapped because you can not activate them . Now, your immunity landscape is going to change. With various Bian stone healing tools that comes in different shapes and designs you can reach any part of your body and give your body a good massage and make your immunity system work like magic.

3: Bian stone also gives out infra red ray which has the following functions : The infra red ray can resonate with the water molecules in our body tissue or the free water molecules and activate them in essential chemistry reactions necessary to the body and fine tune them so that they can better fit various biological needs of the body. By resonance it improves the digestive and respiratory system. The water molecules can transit freely in the body cells and carry necessary oxygen or nutritions to them.

4 : Bian stone can relieve various pains. How can a stone help alleviate pain? Bian Stone can generate infra-red effect and ultrasound pulsation (3698 times per rubbing on human skin), and thus has been applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital for various soft tissue injuries, especially, cervical spondylosis, acute or chronic lower back pain, as well as skin disorders. As far as traditional Chinese medicine is concerned, any disease can be caused by the imbalance of human body. Bian Stone therapy is effective in regulating Qi, blood, Yin and Yang; opening collateral channels; dispelling rheumatism and clearing away heat and thus tranquilizing the mind.

5 : Guess you are familiar with the name chirapractor and acupressure. Bian stone can do both , and can do better.Today, millions of Chinese rely on acupressure to alleviate and prevent stress-related aches and pains, migraines, allergies, sinus problems, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual and breast pain, nausea and constipation as well as to help heal sports and other injuries and lessen fatigue, stress, eyestrain, wrinkles, anxiety, depression and insomnia. If you have any of these symptoms , you can sleep on the idea of introducing Bian stone into your health care plan.
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Bian stone is really great healing stone, it is used to scrape and remove fever