Monday, September 14, 2009

Bian Stone Comb

The central mechanism by which the Bian stone heals your body is that it gives a fine-tuned and nuanced heating to your body by virtue of the magnetic field ,the ultrasonic pulsations and the infra-red ray. Besides, the bian stone contains many beneficial rare antiaging minerals and elements.The fine-tuned heating makes your blood run faster, dissolve the cloggings in your body, activate the dormant immunity cells and cleanse your body of its impurities.

Combing your head with a fine-toothed comb is such a classic healing activity that many doctors would recommend it to his or her patients .Proper administering of the combing can greatly relieve cerebral tensions , improve the blood supply to your brains and prevent strokes from striking. Even with a regular comb , combing can go a long way towards healing your head. And now we have the Bian stone comb, combining the bests of both worlds.

According to experiment and research, regular combing with the Bian Stone comb helps to nourish the hair scalp and improve the hair quality.

The Bian stone comb is so different from any regular comb that even the laymen with eyes blindfold can differentiate between the two , as many such experiments carried out in the Bian stone center showed. It can give your head a good massage.Now get ready to comb your way into a fresh new world .

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