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Brief Introduction of Bianstone Therapies

Brief Introduction of Bianstone Therapies
Bianstone therapeutics is an ancient Chinese medical skill conducted by using rock instruments. The unearthed artifacts show that bianstone therapeutics emerged early in the Stone Age. It is recorded in Huangdi Neijing, an ancient Chinese medical book, that there was five medical skills in the complete system of Chinese traditional medicine, i.e. bianstone, acupuncture, moxibustion, medicinal herbs, and breathing exercise and massage. Famous Chinese doctors in ancient time Bian Que and Taicang Gong were master hands of bianstone therapeutics. Because of the exhaustion of rock material for making bianstone therapeutics instruments, bianstone therapeutics disappeared in history books after East Han Dynasty (25-220), whereas there are few branches of bianstone therapeutics remained in civilian. 
Since 1980s more than 100 kinds of rocks have been examined by modern rock physical techniques. It is discovered that Sibin Stone is an ideal material for manufacturing bianstone instruments. The content of radioactive and harmful material in Sibin Stone is very low, which means Sibin Stone is safe for use. Sibin Stone has microcrystal structure. It feels comfortable and a great quantity of ultrasonic pulses are produced when human body is rubbed by Sibin Stone. The ultrasonic pulses can dredge human body’s channels, improve human body’s microcirculation, eliminate heat and poison in human body, and remove the unnecessary grease. Sibin Stone has wide frequency band of infrared radiation, the wave length is up to 16 μm. In conclusion, Sibin stone is the best stones so far for manufacturing bianstone therapeutics instruments. 
We have made several kinds of bianstone therapeutics instruments according to unearthed artifacts and civilian stone medical instruments by using Sibin Stone, such as bian block, bian plate, bian anvil, elliptic bian stone, bian stick (ruler), bian button, bian wear, and bian bead, automatic heating bianstone etc.
We have summarized 16 kinds of new bianstone therapeutics skills: inducing, pressing, rolling, rubbing, stabbing, scratching, knocking, scraping, turning, revolving, shaking, pulling, warming, cooling, to hear stone bell, and to beat stone bell. The relevant research has been noticed domestic and abroad, and there are many hospitals have established bianstone therapeutics outpatient department to provide bianstone therapeutics service. Currently, the bianstone instruments have become paraphernalia of many people. The curative effect survey and evaluation project of bianstone therapeutics has been launched by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People's Republic of China. 
The Bian Stone Therapeutics Committee of Beijing Research & Development Association of Chinese Medicine, the Hongkong International Association of Chinese Medicine Bianstone, the Bian Stone & Scrape Committee of China Association Acupuncture & Moxibustion, and the Japan Association of Bianstone have been founded in succession, in order to enhance academic guidance to bianstone therapeutics. For the purpose of providing safe and quality bianstone and bianstone instruments products, the Beijing Geng Naiguang Physical Property Test Techniques R & D Center has been established. We are confident that the ancient Chinese bianstone therapeutics can be used again in medical treatment and health protection of people all over the world.

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