Friday, November 23, 2012

Sunnforest Bian Stone Products Production

Sunnforest Bian Stone Products like bian stone comb, oval shape bian stone, bian stone ruler, bian stone cups,bian stone pendants, bian stone bracelets are carefully selected from natural Sibin Pumice Rock (also known as Sibin Bian Stone) by our Bian Stone Factory, and every piece of bian stone products are manually handcrafted, polished with the help of waterjet machine in a natural way. This is to maintain the nature of bian stone for bian stone therapy use in hospitals, TCM Clinic, and also for personal use for healthcare maintenance. Bian Stone Products has unique properties like long infrared rays, high ultrasonic waves, beneficial rare elements, energy field contribute to the healing properties of Bian Stone for health maintenance, and it is a superior stone for use in Guasha scraping.
This video show how Sunnforest Bian Stone Products are being produced. To purchase Genuine Bian Stone Products, visit us at:

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